Patrick Bowie-Moore

Patrick Bowie-Moore is “proactive” Chiropractor, usually working out of the St Davids Wellbeing Centre.

Most people develop pain because they have some sort of imbalance happening. Often physiotherapists, osteopaths, and some chiropractors just look at what’s causing the pain which is of course important. My approach as a “proactive” Chiropractor is to start with finding out what’s causing the pain and then also find out what the underlying imbalance was so we can deal with it.

A lot of my practice is people who come in regularly to keep their body performing at its best because they realise that how their body works affects everything. McTimoney Chiropractic offers a very gentle approach and as such can be used on babies, infants, and adults alike. Along with this, I have alternative styles that I can incorporate as required.

My advice for anyone considering seeing a chiropractor would be to bear in mind a couple of points:

1. Chiropractic treatment usually involves the treatment of common conditions through manual therapy sessions consisting of Spinal and manual manipulation and mobilisation. Chiropractic is a drug-free approach to pain management and I firmly believe no-one has to live a life of pain. It is a very gentle approach. I was trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor which is the gentlest style but I also use other techniques as required or requested.

2. I offer a free 20-minute posture and gait analysis where you can get more information specific to your own concerns. There is no obligation to book an appointment after this free check.