Marianne Violet

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Marianne is an energy healer with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about empowering others and runs Hands of light Academy, energy healing training school.


Energy healing is a way of promoting wellness by working with the subtle (non-physical) energies of the human body.


I practice a form of energy healing called Auric Field Regeneration, inspired by the work of Barbara Ann Brennan (author of ‘Hands of Light’) It’s a way of channelling energy to bring about beneficial changes in the Human Energy Field, or Aura


Our Body-Mind-Spirit is intended to be a self-regulating system, naturally calibrated for health. However, certain life experiences create issues which cause disturbances in this system, throwing it off balance. When these issues are not fully resolved, blockages occur in the natural flow of our life force energy creating distortions in our auric field which eventually manifest as mental, physical, and emotional symptoms.


Auric Field Regeneration is a way of recalibrating the system, bringing it back into balance and allowing healthy integration of unresolved issues. It’s a fantastic way of stepping into the realisation of who you truly are and can help you regain a sense of clarity, wellbeing, empowerment, and alignment with your life purpose. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or beliefs and complements all other systems of orthodox or alternative healing.


Sessions consist of a simple case-taking followed by hands-on healing carried out with you lying down on a treatment couch, fully clothed.


Sessions cost £45 and last approximately 1 hour.