Lisa Smith &

Serena Flynn

Phone: 07904 096801

Email : serenaevans@sky.com


Fearless Speaking with Lisa Smith and Serena Flynn, comes from a mission (and it IS a mission) to help those who have to stand up and talk in front of others to feel OK; we want you to know and experience that you are enough, just as you are.

Learning to communicate well is not about tricks or new skills, it is about returning to a place when we connected our breath, our bodies, our eyes, and our hearts; when we were willing to connect with others and to say what we felt & what we thought (which was probably somewhere around the age of two!).

A workshop is a very good place to learn and practice, and receive helpful feedback, but Serena also does 1:1 sessions, if you have something particular to work on. She can help with auditions, interviews, upcoming speeches, PLUS all the fear and anxiety that those things might bring up!!