Kate Bishop

Phone: 01646 603641



Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic therapy suitable for people of all ages.

I work with children and adults, those with mild issues and those with serious health problems.  Whether it is a physical or emotional problem, we find the best way forward by taking feedback from you and your body.  Every body tells a story, and by listening and checking what is happening, we can find a solution.

My clients have found it helpful for many and varied problems, including


  • Postural issues, recovery from strains and sprains or other injury,

  • Rehabilitation after surgery - eg. hip or knee replacement

  • Back and shoulder issues

  • Digestive and diet problems

  • Poor sleep

  • Stress, anxiety, stress-related illness

  • Emotional disturbance eg: bereavement, divorce

  • ..and much more.

I also offer Facial Rejuvenation Massage to my clients. This is a deeply soothing treatment of shoulders, neck, jaw, face, temples and scalp. It can relieve tension in these areas and I work on acupressure points to de-stress. It is said to reduce wrinkles - I am not sure about that, but you will definitely feel lighter and younger after s half hour session!